Drill, baby drill!

  If the videos of the hurling oil from the bowls of the Earth don’t bother you, you have problems! What was once estimated to be 70,000 barrels a day is now much, much more. To put this into perspective, there are 44 gallons in a barell. The people of America are continuously being lied to by BP and our own government. The MMA issued a well permit, knowing that BP had no technology to fix any problems that might arise 5,000 feet below the ocean’s surface in the gulf of Mexico. The gulf of Mexico is such a key component to the entire global climate. Oil now threatens to enter the gulf loop and carry on its cancerous journey into the Atlantic ocean current. State representative’s are siding with the oil companies and leaving the American public in a wasteland of tar. This oil spill has so many potentials to cause unpresidented damage. BP, Halliburton and Transocean are all responsible for this, both ethically and financially. All three of these giants are being controlled by the worst that greed can produce. We can’t allow our government to continue business as usual with this epic disaster. This is our legacy to our children, we cant let these bastards destroy our legacy as we just sit on the sidelines and watch the same old Washington leave us high and dry. These companies have to be held responsible and if our elected officials can’t put the legacy of our children before their own bank accounts, they need to be impeached. I gaurantee after the first few are kicked out of office, the tune in Washington will change. Whether your Republican, Democrat, independent, christian, muslim or athiest it doesn’t matter. We are all AMERICANS! Every time a representative blocks or questions the responsibility that lies on the shoulders of these companies, they disrespect every man and woman that has died protecting our freedom. Patriots that have made the ultimate sacrifice, did so because they believed in preserving America for future generations. This disaster isn’t just a side note or earmark to be politically blocked because of the greed of our representatives, its a test of ones will to put the good of the country before their own portfolio. This isn’t just a so called “green” opinion, its an American opinion based on the foundation of “WE THE PEOPLE”…

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One Response to Drill, baby drill!

  1. The Destructionist says:

    While watching the latest news about the BP Oil spill, a frightening thought came to mind: what if we can’t stop the oil? I mean, what happens if after all the measures to cap the pipe fail, (i.e., “Top Hat”, “Small Hat” and “Top Kill”). What then? An accident this problematic is new territory for BP. The oil pipeline is nearly a mile down on the ocean floor, accessible only by robots. Add on top of that the extreme pressure at which the oil is flowing out of the pipeline and there you have it: the perfect storm.

    Moreover, scientists also claim that they’ve found an enormous plume of oil floating just under the surface of the ocean measuring approximately 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick. (I’m no math genius, but I bet one of you reading this could figure out just how many barrels of oil that is…)

    There are new estimates that the amount of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico is anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 barrels of oil a day: that’s a far cry from BP’s estimated 5,000 barrels a day. If BP’s estimates are correct, the total amount of oil now in the Gulf would be approximately 150,000 barrels (or 6,300,000 gallons). That’s barely enough to fill 286 swimming pools: sixteen feet, by thirty-two feet, by eight and a half feet deep. That wouldn’t cover an area the size of New York City, let alone an area the size of Delaware. Obviously, the spill is much larger than we are being led to believe. If the leak can’t be stopped, in a year’s time, we’ll have roughly 18,250,000 barrels of oil (or 766,500,000 gallons) in our oceans, killing our marine and animal wildlife. Such a calamity would be environmentally and economically disastrous. I’m not a religious man, but I pray that BP and our government work fast to end this catastrophe.




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