Oil spill? No it’s an Oil Eruption!

   The phrase “oil spill” doesn’t do justice for whats going on in the gulf of Mexico right now.  The term “oil spill” needs to be replaced by the phrase “Oil Eruption”.  Just watch the live feeds of the broken pipe lines and you’ll understand why. I tried to hyperlink the video from CNN, but I couldnt get it to work.  An oil spill is when a known amount of oil is dumping into a particular area, like what happened with the Exxon Valdez in 1989.  Whats happening now in the gulf is something completely different.  Unlike the Valdez incident, we have no idea about the size of the oil deposit that BP tapped into.  They’re not telling us either and probably never will, after all they want to keep that a secret.  I can gaurantee you one thing, the U.S Department of Interior knows how much oil is there and they’re not saying either.  After you watch the video of the underwater OIL ERUPTION, it leaves you feeling sick or at least to me it does.  After numerous failed efforts by BP to contain the broken lines, many are askin why the government doesn’t do more?  Let the truth be told, our government doesn’t know what to do either.  They’re keeping the pressure on BP, but the all mighty United States government is just as lost as BP.  Wouldn’t you think that after decades of drilling and billions of dollars in profit, both BP and the US government would have a plan in place to contain a situation like this?  Both parties are completely ignorant and have once again let down the American people.  Wasn’t that the whole deal behind the OPA (Oil Petroleum Act) of 1994, legislation to combat a scenerio just like this or was it only political jargon for another drunk dry docking an oil tanker? I’d like to see a reporter ask both BP and US government how to stop this leak?  Or why did the MMS issue a permit knowing something like this was possible?  Im so tired of the playground finger pointing!  Just like the Today show interview with Ken Salazar, I think he was worse than the BP spokesman.  I mean, you know the BP guy is lying whenever his lips move, but Salazar is trying to be the good guy and he looked like the worlds biggest ASS!  Kudo to Merdith Viera for keeping his wormy ass to the fire!  If they can’t stop the eruption, so be it.  Then we just have to suck it up and move forward the best way we can.  But we need to be told the truth amount the amount of oil that is beneath those pumps.  Therefore we can take the amount of oil that is in the underground deposit, divide that number by the amount of oil that those gushers are spewing out a day, the quotient will give us a rough idea of how long it will take for the Earth to bleed out and what to expect in terms of environmental damage.  All I ask is that both sides quit lying! Enough is enough, the American public is so tired of corrupt lobbyists, even more corrupt politicians and beyond corrupt oil companies telling lies and pointing the finger.  The U.S government, BP, Halliburton and Transocean are all to blame.  Our elected politicians have done more harm to us than any company, they continue to take lots of money, drag their feet on necessary reform and sell out the American public.  Contributions should be outlawed – theyre killing our country!   In the mean time all parties need to come clean about the size and impact of these oil eruptions.  All we ask is that you all show a little honesty now and then, is that to much to ask?

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One Response to Oil spill? No it’s an Oil Eruption!

  1. The Destructionist says:

    In the next four weeks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will drop at least 300 points upon growing fears of the ongoing economic crisis looming in the United States and abroad as instability in Greece and other European countries suffer the devaluation of the Euro as it tumbles into “no man’s land.”

    BP’s latest attempt to cap the oil pipeline 5,000 feet underwater (a.k.a. “Top Kill”) using robots will fail. They will then come up with a “new plan” out of thin-air in an effort to seal the pipe and to instill confidence in the public. The Obama Administration will finally step in to take control of the operation, adding much needed resources in an effort to assuage the outrage being felt by Americans everywhere over this environmental catastrophe. A team of engineers and scientists will be sent down to the ocean floor, via bathyscaphe, in order to view the damage head-on and to make assessments as to how to repair the damage.

    Is this a future foretold, or just simple deductive reasoning?

    You decide.

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