New forcast of oil spill and ocean current.

Oil trajectory with Atlantic current  No one has ever wondered what would happen if a big enough oil spill of unimagined magnitude was to enter the Atlantic ocean current. Everyone knows how vital the oceanic current is to the entire planets climatology. What would happen if a slick of oil saturated the north Atlantic. Warm waters from the equator follow the loop current all the way to a huge oceanic turbin in the north Atlantic. Warm water mixes with the colder northern waters and creates a huge engine that drives the entire Atlantic current. The oil spill in the gulf is unstoppable and its global implications are yet to be realized. This could easily turn from a matter of national significance to a matter of GLOBAL significance.  watch?v=pE-1G_476nA&playnext_from=TL&videos=N5sl8sOltRM

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