December 21, 2012 – End of days or just media hype?

   I’m pretty sure everyone has seen the blockbuster Hollywood move, 2012.  The special effects were great and the premise of the movie was based on actual archaeological evidence found in ancient Mayan cities such as Palenque.  Some say it’s all hocus pocus and it’s just a way to sell movie tickets and books and others believe that something truly will happen that will lead to a near extinction of the human species and most other animal species on our little planet.  To understand all the hype surrounding the mayan prophecies you have to view the world the way the mayans did.

   The prediction of 2012 is based on the Mayan long count calendar that spans what the Mayans called the five ages.  The calendar itself is circular consisting of three rings.  We today see life as a river that just passes by and the same thing never happens twice, but the Mayans didn’t see reality in that same way.  We count 1, 2, 3, etc and the Maya counted 1, 2, 3, 1.  The Maya saw everything as circling back in on itself. Every mayan calendar goes in some sort of cycle and theres a beginning and an end to everything. The sacred calendar was about the cycles of life, the solar calendar was about being farmers and the third calendar is the one that brings up 2012, its called the long count calendar. The long count calendar encompasses five ages and it shows the end of each age. We can see all five ages on the famous Aztec sunstone. The last four ages ended in catastrophy that lead to the extinction of the human race.  At the end of each of the four previous ages humans had become disrespectful to the gods so the gods eradicated the humans and placed new humans on the planet to start all over again. We are now in the fifth age and for some reason the mayans never created the number six. The one thing we know about the mayans is the fact that they were extremely passionate about measuring time, but for some reason on the winter solstice of 2012 they stopped. December 21, 2012 is the last day of their calendar and there is no sixth age.

   A decade ago an archaeologist named Jim Turner discovered a 150ft tall monument carved from the flanks of a volcano. The monument was found on a 58 square mile island 400 miles off the coast of Chile called the Juan Fernandez Archaepelago. The island itself is near Easter island. The monument is of the mayan sun god and appearantly was strategically carved there to remain hidden. What baffles me is the fact that the mayans travelled thousands of miles from their Yucatan peninsula home to carve the monument. If the mayans could travel by sea to such exotic locations where else did they go? And how did they know that such a remote island even existed? The island can only be reached in the months of November and December by todays environment. These two months are the middle of the summer in the southern hemisphere and the only time the Humbolt current can be crossed safely. The rest of the year the current is to turbulent to cross. It’s as if the island was chosen as a sacred location for 2012 by the ancient mayan King Kan B’alam, son of the famous mayan king Pakal. It’s interesting to note that Kan B’alams tomb has never been found. Kan B’alam has been found to be the single greatest and longest serving king in mayan and any other civilizations history. During Kan B’alams reign there was two solar eclipses that happened back to back and both crossed the island. The tomb of Kan B’alam has eluded archaeologists for fifty years and is rumored to contain the secret of what will happen in 2012. The monument may be the tomb of this once great king and it seems like it was strategically placed on this island to be found on or around the end of the fifth age. 

   Two celestial events will occur in 2012 as predicted by the mayans and according to the mayans both events will be seperated by 160 days. The NASA websites on eclipses and transits confirms both of these events and on June 6, 2012 an extremely rare transit of Venus will occur, then on November 13, 2012 there will be a total solar eclipse – both celestial events are seperated by 160 days. Both events were predicted by the mayans to indicate the end of the fifth age. Whats really interesting is the fact that the only place in the western hemisphere where both events can be seen is on this island and even today on July 11, 2010 a total solar eclipse will cross easter island, the first time in 1400 years.

    When the Spanish conquistadores first came to the Yucatan peninsula 400 years ago, most of the great Mayan cities and temples were already completely abandoned. A few mayans remained and what the spanish saw deeply shocked them. Mayan priests sacrificing humans to their gods. The movie Apocalypto illustrates this accurately. Peoples heads being chopped off then the priests would roll the head and body down the 365 steps of the mayan temple. The mayans would cheer and rejoice at these ritualistic sacrifices and that gave the conquistidores the automatic impression that this new world was a world of deep herecy. The spanish priests burned huge libraries of books and scrolls leaving only four known mayan texts to be in existence today. The most famous is the Dresdon Codex. According to history the codex which resembles a multi-page folding pamphlet was given to the king of Spain and somehow it wound up in the museum of Dresdon, Germany and thats how it got its name. This is the reason why the doomsday theory of 2012 is such a deeply heated debate. Its like we as a civilization just disappeared, leaving nothing but just a few random books and the stonework in some of our cities. Lets say a thousand years later archaeologists from here or even another planet discover remnants of what was once New York City, Rome or Paris. All the archaeologists would study the hieroglyghics in the stone work and try to understand what it all meant. To us words like Brooklyn Bridge, The Leuve, Macys or any other building that had its name carved in stone are just an extremely small part of who we are. Since these archaeologists only had a few books and the stories within those books were the only evidence of our existence you can see the problem that present day archaeologists have with trying to understand all the ancient civilizations that have come before us. The dresdon codex though has some interesting writings that have been deciphered. The last page refers to 2012 just like the long count calendar and the same hieroglyphics have been found in the temple of inscriptions, the tomb of King Pakal in the great city of Palenque. Only 1 percent of the Mayan temples and cities has actually been studied. A recent discovery of a Mayan city had been completely untouched since its inhabitants had left. Archaeologists found tools, pottery and other implements that indicated that the people that called this city home just got up and left. What could make thousands of people just get up an leave? And this wasn’t the only city that people just got up and left, it seems like most of the Mayan civilization just disappeared. Nothing like it has ever been found in our relentless pursuit of history.

   So what will happen on or before the winter solstice of 2012? Perhaps nothing or maybe everything. As in the end of the other ages we have become disrespectful of eachother and the environment. Wars dominate the globe, global recession has made the possibility of a global depression ever more likely, wide spread droughts span entire continents, epic oil spills devastating an entire gulf sea, extreme heat waves melt coastal cities throughout the world, entire glaciers like Greenland are increasingly melting into the Atlantic ocean, atmospheric pollution has tripled the amount of carbon dioxide that naturally occurs in the atmosphere, methane locked in permafrost for millenia in north Siberia is now increasingly leaking into the air because of the thawing permafrost, new and emerging infectious diseases are affecting developed and undeveloped countries alike, famine spans continents and not just cities and war is affecting every corner of the globe. The coincidences are almost impossible to ignore, but like the Y2K bug it may just pass with not even a hiccup. If anything the mayans were highly advanced and extraordinary astronomers. Maybe all this is just hype to sell movies and books, we can only hope so!

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